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A blog dedicated to the brilliance that is the color schemes of Rise of the Guardians, and how they clash and fit together.

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Pitch’s eyes were the real reason I wanted to do this


I had to try very hard to not add the background into this scheme.


At least Bunny has this bright green eye to stand out through his dullness


Jack’s is basically the same but it’s okay because he has a snowflake in his eye


Important announcement

As of this year, I have resolved to spend less time on tumblr (because it literally eats away at my life, especially at my academics) and therefore will be setting up a queue that I will fill with posts. It will post twice a day, once at 12 pm EST and once at 5 pm EST. The only time it might be different is if I truly have no other more important obligations, such as keeping my grades in check.

I will answer requests as soon as I can, but given that most of my work will likely be on the weekends, I may not attend to it until then.

I’m sorry for any possible inconvenience.

I’m still shocked at how many different colors they can pack into seemingly one-color characters.


Aaaand I’m back!

Let’s do eyes next.


Heeeeeeere’s Sophie!

I couldn’t find a picture of her with her cute little wings, or else I would have included those.


Anon asked for Jamie and Sophie! So here’s the first one.

I didn’t know which outfit you wanted, so I just did both.